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We are the leading specialty broker of wholesale insurance, bringing together elite industry veterans and breakthrough advances in technology. All with a personalized touch.

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Wholesale Insurance

Flow was founded upon a commitment to bring the best of technology and people together to 
transform specialty insurance. Insurance is the bedrock of entrepreneurial business activity; in times of peril, companies rely on risk transfer to ensure their longevity. However, the insurance needs of corporations are complex and require guidance from retail agents, who need the expertise of knowledgeable and responsive wholesalers.

As a next-generation specialty brokerage for professional lines of commercial insurance, we are focused on people and fueled by technology. Flow was founded in 2021 by a group of passionate insurance and technology experts who are committed to bringing advanced technology and people together, to serve  insurance better.

Headquartered in California with its research and development center in Tel Aviv, and backed by top tier venture capital, we bring enhanced responsiveness, increased transparency, cutting edge technologies, and superior service to retail brokers and carriers alike.

Find Your State of Flow

When you’re in a state of flow, you’re immersed in the moment and performing at your highest level. No task seems challenging because you’re in the zone, engaged with life and feeling a sense of greater energy and enjoyment.

At Flow, we combine innovative technologies, deep insurance expertise, and proactive communication to help you achieve this state and experience your full potential.

Leadership Team

Get to know the people behind our company – a dedicated team of insurance and technology veterans who deliver excellence and personalized service.

Sivan Iram

CEO and Co Founder

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Naor Rosenberg

CTO and Co Founder

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Amit Ben-Nathan

CPO and Co Founder

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David Derigiotis

President of Brokerage

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