Cyber Liability

We recognize the important role cyber liability insurance plays in protecting businesses from emerging threats. Our tailored solutions will meet the needs of our clients providing financial protection and critical resources for navigating any security incident they may face.

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For select clients, a combination of cybersecurity services packaged with insurance solutions.

  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Encrypted data backup
  • VPN solution
  • Real time threat monitoring
  • And more

Regulatory coverage including violations of new and expanding state consumer privacy laws, biometric regulations, and international privacy law

Available on admitted and non-admitted paper

Expertise for handling SME business and building large limit towers for complex risks

Diverse market access. Flow will access carrier capacity through multiple channels including API, portal, and traditional email submissions. This allows us to provide clients with multiple options quickly, efficiently and build limits where needed

Target Classes


*(including but not limited to)
Data Breach Response

Cover the costs associated with investigating and responding to data breaches, including notification expenses, credit monitoring services, and legal fees.


In the event of a security incident causing downtime, coverage reimburses lost revenue and extra expenses incurred during the interruption period, helping businesses quickly recover and resume operations.

Ransomware/ Extortion

Coverage for expenses related to ransom payments, cyber extortion demands, and crisis management services to mitigate the impact of ransomware and other extortion threats.

Network Security Liability

Protect your clients against third-party claims alleging negligence in safeguarding sensitive data, including legal defense costs and settlements.

Social Engineering Fraud

Coverage is available to mitigate financial losses resulting from social engineering scams, including fraudulent wire transfers and deceptive impersonation schemes.

Regulatory and Privacy Fines

Coverage helps mitigate the financial impact of regulatory fines and penalties resulting from non-compliance with ever evolving data protection laws and regulations, as well as GDPR, HIPAA and other federal and international requirements.

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