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Kendra Newley
2 min
June 27, 2024


In a recent interview at Insurtech Insights 2024 with Joanna England, our CEO, Sivan Iram, shares insights into Flow's unique approach in the insurtech and wholesale ecosystem. The video interview highlights our tech-driven, human-powered approach, our mission, and how we're addressing industry challenges and future market trends.

Flow is a digital wholesaler connecting agents and carriers in financial lines. Since our founding in 2021, our mission has been to transform the wholesaler experience for agents and underwriters alike. We combine advanced technology with a human touch. Our expert brokers navigate evolving regulatory landscapes and work closely with agents and preferred carrier markets.

"Flow is not just another player; we're building AI for ourselves while traditional companies are still figuring it out."

Here are the highlights from the interview:

Addressing Market Gaps

Small businesses often find themselves underserved by traditional models. Mid-market clients frequently lack the response, transparency, and service they deserve. At Flow, we're changing that narrative. Backed by some of the world's top venture capital firms, we provide AI-driven solutions that enhance efficiency, transparency, and analysis without losing the human element.

Rebranding for Our Mission

Our recent rebranding reflects our commitment to our mission. "Flow" embodies dynamism, motion, and speed—essential for improving submission processes and partner cash flow. Inspired by the psychological concept of being "in the zone," Flow represents a state where insurance professionals can thrive without the tedium of manual processes, allowing them to focus on building relationships and expanding their businesses.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

The commercial space is rooted in tradition, making change a challenge. We're addressing portal fatigue by interacting with agents via email and accommodating carriers' preferences, whether through APIs, portals, or traditional emails. We aim to make the process as streamlined and enjoyable as possible for all parties involved.

Looking Ahead: Market Predictions

The errors & omissions (ENS) sector is poised for growth, even as markets like directors & officers (D&O) remain soft. Cyber insurance trends are also in flux, with potential shifts ahead. Our role as a wholesaler provides extensive market access as well as deep insights and expertise. AI will significantly impact the industry, with many companies adopting various approaches. At Flow, we're unique in building AI internally, integrating it to maximize efficiency while maintaining human oversight. We're excited about the potential of algorithmic underwriting, which promises faster quotes and broader risk coverage across different lines of business.

For more insights, watch the full video interview.

Kendra Newley
2 min
June 27, 2024

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